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Custom Rapid Monitors

We have the fastest custom monitors for the most desired sites available for use. These monitors provide you with the fastest stock notifications around. This gives you a great advantage over other users attempting to purchase said product as well as allowing you to stand a greater chance against bots!

Nike Backend Monitor

This is a feature which yet again is extremely exclusive. This monitor allows our members to purchase products from the Nike site, before they have even been loaded to the public. This gives you way more time to checkout and a lot less people to compete with therefore leaving you with higher chances of copping the latest releases!

Low Key Flips

Here in Astro, we pride ourselves on having the greatest and most exclusive lowkey flips in the community! What are lowkey flips you may ask? Lowkey flips are items that are not commonly known to have resell value which yield extremely high returns. Consoles, Garden Furniture and Pokemon Cards which can make you hundreds of profit per item!

Exclusive Groupbuys

We team up with some of the most popular and highest performing bots, providers and groups in the reselling community to give our members the best tools and knowledge to allow them to succeed when reselling!

Brick Flips

Brick Flips are a great to get started in reselling as well as being an amazing way to keep generating passive income on the side when you have more capital available. We have a wide variety of providers that pick out the most profitable shoes to purchase with the lowest risk and fastest selling time, allowing you to make high returns without breaking a sweat!

Free Amazon Products

We work alongside professional and reputable amazon providers who assist members in receiving a variety of amazon products free of charge! This is a remarkably simple and effective 5 step process. You can find this explained in more depth inside the server!

In House Bots

We believe our members should be able to have the finest tools to make reselling easy therefore we have our very own custom bots for some lowkey sites which help us take stock leading to thousands in profits from these lowkey flips. With many in-house devs we are always adding sites to our bot and helping our members take stock every drop

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Do I need to do anything before joining?

No, there is nothing required before joining. As a team, we provide you with detailed guides, high quality flips and 24/7 support. This ensures you have everything you need to start reselling on the right foot!

How is it risk free?

Due to legalisation, and purchasing physical goods from large scale companies, you have the legal right to return all products within the set time frame. If you are struggling to sell an item on for profit, simply return it for a full refund and lose nothing!

How much money do I need to start?

This varies and unfortunately, there is never really a set answer that we can provide. However, although some members do start with thousands of pounds available to spend, other members have started with smaller amounts such as £50 and been very successful! We would advise you to have around £150+ to allow you to partake in most flips available in the server!

How do I make money doing this?

There are plenty of ways to make money in the server, from reselling, all the way to stocks advice… we cover it all and have a team of experts available to support you 24/7. Reselling is the art of retail arbitrage, this is essentially buying a product in retail stores and reselling it on for a markup. You can yield extremely high returns on your investment doing so!

How much time do I need to spend on this?

Time is something that entirely depends on what you would like to get from reselling. If you are looking to make reselling your full-time career, then you would obviously need to dedicate more time compared to just making some extra income.

Can I do it from my phone?

YES! Reselling is something that you can definitely do solely on your phone, our server is ran on an application called ‘Discord’ which you can download on the app store/google play store. From here you can manage your notifications and receive all your restock notifications on your phone!

Do I need bots?

No, bots are certainly not required to become a successful reseller. Bots are expensive and take a lot of time, effort and knowledge to learn how to use them properly. Despite having plenty of experienced botters in our server, we equally have many members that use no bots at all and are still extremely successful.

How do I cancel?

You can manage your entire subscription via the dashboard. Whether that is cancelling, unbinding and rebinding or just checking/updating your renewal information, it can all be accessed from here.

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